Saturday, November 10, 2012


received from Lady Olivia Robertson November 2012 through Caroline Wise:

Ethics within the Fellowship

“In ISIS we rely not on rules and regulations,
But on the Divine Power of Her Winnowing Wings of Protection.
In Her we trust.”

There is an duty of integrity and responsibility upon every individual member to uphold and adhere to the principles and ideals of the Fellowship, as set out in this Manifesto, including prevention of abuse and exploitation of humans, animals, and our environment.

No secrecy or binding vow is sanctioned in the Fellowship.

Any member has the right, at any time, to seek assistance from outside authorities.

Oracle of Isis
“I am She Who Was and Is and Is to Be. No mortal man hath lifted my veil.”

Isis lifts her veil to those with loving hearts,
Who seek the truth.
The balance between Love and Truth, divine feminine and sacred masculine, Isis and Osiris, brings forth harmony."

thank you to Lady Olivia for this Code of Ethics.

Rt. Rev. Deena Hartray Butta

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